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  • Bensimon Byrne
  • Bensimon Byrne
  • Bensimon Byrne

Bensimon Byrne


Square Footage: 44,000
Market Sector: Consultants
Architect/Designer: Luc Bouliane
Electrical Engineer: Hidi Rae
Mechanical Engineer: Hidi Rae
Landlord: Brookfield Properties


In 2017, Toronto’s CBC building became the new home for leading marketing agency, Bensimon Byrne. Occupying the ground and second floor, the greater Bensimon Byrne space is split among two organizations, the ground floor belonging to One Method, an acquired shop within the Bensimon Byrne agency, and the second floor belonging to Bensimon Byrne. Both floors are heavily influenced by industrial and open concept design. Prior to beginning work on-site, our team had to assess the very specific nuances of building in the CBC building. Scheduling was a challenge since the building required multiple work stoppages throughout the day. Construction sequencing had to take into account the hourly work stoppages that occur due to CBC’s live broadcast appearances within the building on a daily basis. This along with special events that occurred, including the Summer Olympics, significantly complicated work schedules when no noisey work could be performed on account of filming. To combat this issue, we ensured that all trades worked in accordance with this requirement and scheduled all work around the look-ahead schedule that was provided to us by the Landlord each week.  Other Building-specific conditions for 250 Front Street include thorough security check-ins, unique slab conditions due to the highly valuable nature of the building, and the current transition state of the building to new ownership. The Bensimon Byrne aesthetic is heavily influenced by open concept design and desired exposed ceilings. For the most part, both floors are filled with desk sharing spaces, high ceilings, suspended lighting, suspended drywall ceiling pieces, and exposed concrete floors. There are some private offices but they are enclosed in glass office fronts, complementing the bare-bones, open aesthetic. Each floor has a featured design piece: on the ground floor is a mezzanine which adds levels to the flat surface; on the second floor is a large wooden bleacher structure adjacent to the kitchen facilities, providing a breakout space for eating lunch, hosting, or giving presentations. The second floor is also home to some unique repurposed areas that they took over from the previous tenant. The space was formerly used for recording and as such, certain areas avoided demolition to be repurposed. One of those areas was a sound engineering room which now acts as a presentation room. Meanwhile the old vocal booth has been refurbished so that Bensimon Byrne has the option to record their own vocal work as desired. Despite the schedule difficulties presented by this unique building, the Bensimon Byrne project was a rewarding process. Our relationship with the client allowed us to navigate these hindrances and to reach the finish line together. 


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