As we shift toward a greener, more sustainable society, adhering to LEED standards becomes increasingly important. We understand the processes required to reach specific levels of LEED certification, we also have the systems in place to manage these processes and the resources at hand to cary out the job efficiently.  Govan  Brown has successfully completed numerous LEED projects, and is a front-runner in the management of environmentally viable construction practices.

We are committed, along with our sub-trade partners, to achieving and demonstrating sustainability in the facilities we help to build.

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Square Footage: 89,125
Market Sector: Technology/Internet
Architect/Designer: HOK
Electrical Engineer: MBII
Mechanical Engineer:  Hidi Rae
Landlord: Oxford Properties


The world’s top search engine enlisted the services of Govan Brown to build an amalgamating office that unified Google’s multiple Toronto offices into a single location. The base building at 111 Richmond Street West, was developed with the assistance of Govan Brown specifically for Google’s new offices. Located on floors 9-16 of the tower, Google’s 89,000 sqare foot space made them the anchor tenant of the building. Our client’s vision for the space was to create an environmentally friendly and dynamic office that would encourage collaboration and stoke the imagination of its employees. Built to suit LEED Gold certifications, Google’s new space was designed with environmentally-friendly solutions in mind. To save on lighting costs, floor to ceiling windows were installed. Cork floors, fishing wire carpet, recycled lights and reclaimed wood decorated the office.  100% of the energy used by the office was renewable. All nine floors of the office have individual themes including a games room and camping theme, complete with a pool and foosball table and various arcade game machines; a café and micro kitchen; themed meeting rooms; hidden rooms, accessible only by a lever disguised as a book on a shelf, a music room complete with DJ equipment, and an electricity-free blender attached to a bicycle for smoothies and drinks. The space also houses extensive wall graphics, a snowflake wall and a partition made of bicycle frames. Impressively, a feature staircase with glass balustrade was built to connect the 15th and 16th floors that were previously unattached by base-building elevators. The entire office was decorated uniformly by high-end millwork, glass office fronts and polished concrete floors.  Despite an accelerated schedule and multiple delivery challenges, we were able to turn-over a high-end project to our valued client that was indicative of their corporate culture.


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