As we shift toward a greener, more sustainable society, adhering to LEED standards becomes increasingly important. We understand the processes required to reach specific levels of LEED certification, we also have the systems in place to manage these processes and the resources at hand to cary out the job efficiently.  Govan  Brown has successfully completed numerous LEED projects, and is a front-runner in the management of environmentally viable construction practices.

We are committed, along with our sub-trade partners, to achieving and demonstrating sustainability in the facilities we help to build.

  • Fasken Martineau, Toronto
  • Fasken Martineau, Toronto
  • Fasken Martineau, Toronto

Fasken Martineau, Toronto


Square Footage: 175,000
Market Sector: Legal
Architect/Designer: IBI Group
Electrical Engineer: Mulvey & Banani
Mechanical Engineer: The Mitchell Partnership
Landlord: Brookfield Properties


Fasken Martineau requested Govan Brown’s services to fit-out their newly acquired Bay-Adelaide office. Moving from the Toronto Dominion Centre, the project called for an acute attention to detail in erecting a space emblematic of their esteemed position in the legal industry. Similar to many of Govan Brown’s projects, the fit-out of the new Fasken Martineau office was built to LEED CI standards. Many of the materials used in constructing the 175,000 square foot space were either locally sourced or recycled.  Considering the project was an office built to accommodate 200 lawyers, our efforts for sustainability were very effective. The new space accommodated several amenities including a library, lunchroom, staff lounge, business centre and a computer room-constantly conditioned by two newly installed AC units. The entire 24th floor was transformed into a conference centre for client presentations. Of the many features included in the aesthetic design were skyfold partitions, stone floors and walls, wood panelling, custom ceiling, corian and stainless steel walls, and drop-down flat screens. Perhaps the most striking feature of the entire project was the translucent onyx stone wall, procured by Govan Brown. Together,  we aided in engineering the logistics of the wall with the client, while providing the client with many different samples which were ordered until they decided upon the final product, an example of our purchasing power with the trades and distributors in the GTA. The international law firm is emblematic of Canadian ambition, succeeding globally while providing bilingual litigation support. Govan Brown was able to move Fasken Martineau into their new space on time and under budget.


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