As we shift toward a greener, more sustainable society, adhering to LEED standards becomes increasingly important. We understand the processes required to reach specific levels of LEED certification, we also have the systems in place to manage these processes and the resources at hand to cary out the job efficiently.  Govan  Brown has successfully completed numerous LEED projects, and is a front-runner in the management of environmentally viable construction practices.

We are committed, along with our sub-trade partners, to achieving and demonstrating sustainability in the facilities we help to build.

  • Gluskin Sheff
  • Gluskin Sheff
  • Gluskin Sheff

Gluskin Sheff


Square Footage: 50,432
Market Sector: Investments
Architect/Designer: KPMB
Electrical Engineer: TMP Consulting Engineers
Mechanical Engineer: Mulvey & Banani


After 26 years of successful operation as a wealth management firm, Gluskin Sheff decided to move their headquarters to the prestigious Bay-Adelaide Centre. Gluskin Sheff hired Govan Brown to fit-out the top two floors of the esteemed tower; the 50th and 51st floor, complete with  a compelling westward view.  The space was designed to be a captivating and efficient investment hub. The work began in December 2010, after the designers established that vital to the fit-out, would be two newly installed internal staircases. After the new year, with the concrete demolition and steel installation complete, the interior renovation began. The clean and organized placement of work stations, offices, kitchen and complex AV systems are indicative of Gluskin Sheff’s efficiency. The 51st, and highest floor of the tower, was completed as the Senior Partner area. The floor, complete with boardrooms and reception area, contains elegantly paneled doors that seem to vanish seamlessly into the wall. The aforementioned staircase however was the prominent element of the project. It consisted of treads made of individual slabs of stone that appear to be stacked upon each other without additional support. It is further complemented by an elaborate bronze handrail that leads to more boardrooms accented by skyfold partitions and proud displays of extensive millwork. The AV system is probably most prominent in the Traders Area, which is formed by a large, semicircular custom-made desk, and houses a multitude of screens and monitors all of whom are flawlessly integrated into the millwork. 


Photo Credit: Maris Mezuli


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