Life Hacks

 Jul 24, 2017 11:00 AM

Here’s a good life hack: Work Smart. Play Hard, and Give Back. And boy do we live by our company mantra. The boys took to the green for their third annual Hackers Tournament on  Friday, July 21. This internal golf tournament is played every year to settle the debate of who the strongest golfer on the Govan Brown team is. With roughly 18 participants, this year's contest was one of the most well attended and competitive that we have ever seen. With odds-on favorite Joe Kirk being disqualified for missing three holes, the table was set for an upset. Taking advantage of the SVP's fortunate absence, Ed McGinley was crowned champion under an intense July afternoon sun. Despite earning the win and the hearts of the viewing public and his fellow golfers, Ed's win is being contested by the event organizer and self-appointed "Lord Links" Colin Gray. He could not be reached for comments but in speaking with his publicist, Jason Pereira, we have been informed that "this tournament was simply a qualifying event. The determination of the real champion will come later when the event is played at a Govan Brown Golfers Association-approved course." When pressed for further comment, Jason shrugged his shoulders and cursed at various members of the media for wasting his time.  In other news, Michael Didur is appealing a suspension that has recently come down from the GBGA's head office for violating the dress code. The charge being for willfully violating by law 24 C section 10 which states "Players participating in GBGA sanctioned events are required to dress accordingly. Any player dressed like a dad attending a Jack Johnson concert will be suspended for one event and fined."



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