Sep 21, 2017 3:00 PM

The greatest show on planet earth happened on Thursday, August 24th, at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto. Govan Brown made cor-porate history by hosting an event, unlike any other. Cureapalooza was borne from the idea to raise money for charity but with a completely different attitude. We tinkered with a few concept names, boobaroo, boobstock, boobapalooza, forsheaga ... but eventually, we agreed upon Cureapalooza, mainly because we were able to alternate the different charity organizations we wanted to be in receipt of our efforts. This year, we partnered with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation/Canadian Cancer Society and donated $50,000 towards their causes and we really couldn’t have done it without the help of our staff who made this event happen by organizing the event, and buying and selling tickets.  This year, we had local Toronto bands the Arkells headline, with the Birds of Bellwoods as the opening act.  Cureapalooza was officially trademarked by Govan Brown as we anticipate this event being a yearly initiative.  Over 650  concert goers were treated to a live and intimate performance by the Juno award winning band and the Birds of Bellwoods have already asked if they could participate in next year’s event! All of the feedback we received from fans, the venue and clients/trades were all positive even noting that this was the best Arkells concert they had been to. Kudos to the Internal Marketing Committee (Spencer Bowers, Tyler Brown, Mackenzie & Katrina Herd, Sarah Paul, Rose Rencius, Ryan Thomson, and Sophia Yilmaz) for putting on such a great show and Mackenzie Herd for organizing the event (Mack celebrated his birthday on the same day and was serenaded with a happy birthday song from the Arkells). And to Joe Kirk who takes chances and dreams big.



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