Making time for the team

 Mar 3, 2017 3:00 PM

On March 3rd, the Govan Brown Toronto team took the afternoon off to visit Rinx and bond over a myriad of zany sports. After a long and busy winter, the afternoon provided a great escape for our hardworking staff to blow off some steam and take out some aggression… on each other. After visiting the bar area, the staff had the option of participating in three separate events including whirly ball, a mix of bumper cars, lacrosse and basketball; laser tag, pretty self-explanatory; and Balladium, an American gladiator-style target cannon game. With a fresh injection of confidence, our team was prepared to compete to the fullest, even if at times that meant slight subordination.  There were no winners or losers, only bruisers on this day. You would be surprised at how little encouragement was needed to release the inner warrior in the most timid Govan Brown employee. With all that aggression spent, our team sat down to a nice pub-style lunch and went home tired, sore and more relaxed. 



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