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govan brown announces the completion of
holt renfrew yorkdale

Govan Brown is pleased to announce the completion of the Yorkdale Mall Holt Renfrew renovation and expansion project.  The 8-phase project was completed over 18 months, allowing the store to remain operational throughout all phases of construction.  Govan Brown was involved from the early planning stages seeing the project through to completion.  A key challenge to the project was a second storey addition built over the existing store while the store remained operational. This task required extensive coordination to ensure scope and schedule

alignments continued smoothly.  Organization of dozens of leases, vendors and millworkers along with coordination with daily store operations were required to maintain a positive shopping experience for Holt Renfrew patrons.  Meticulous coordination contributed to the successful completion of the second floor addition in which Govan Brown managed all demolition, structural, building envelope and fit-out work.  Project highlights include 150 linear feet of interior mall façade with integrated stone, wood, glazing and AV components.  A feature staircase,

two new escalators, and three new elevators were added to create a more comfortable shopping experience.  A state-of-the-art back-of-house was also created to facilitate administrative, shipping and receiving and storage needs.  We are pleased that Govan Brown's partnership with Holt Renfrew will continue and we are looking forward to providing pre-construction services for their new store located at Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.






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