Govan Brown



In honour of Earth Day (April 22), Govan Brown employees participated in the annual Toronto 20-Minute Make-over on April 20, cleaning up areas in the  neighborhood that needed a lot of attention.  Participants scoured the block of residents and shops on Queen Street

West and Portland Street (The Fashion District) and picked up garbage on the sidewalks, streets and alleyways.  The event is hosted by the City of Toronto whose aim is to get all businesses, patrons and residents in their community to do their part in keeping Toronto one of the world's most liv-

able cities.  Govan Brown participants included John Black, Kayleigh Dobbin, C.J Lewis,  Wylie Poon, Rose Rencius, Mark Small, Ryan Tacderas, Jennifer Thomas, Sophia Yilmaz, George Yu and Serena Zeng.






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