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 mundare school project on schedule despite
harsh winter thanks to govan brown's
 ed brassard

Ed Brassard of Govan Brown's Prairie Provinces was recently profiled in The Lamont Leader.  The Site Superintendent and his crew were acknowledged for their tireless efforts in constructing the Mundare School in Mundare, Alberta.  Despite the numerous weather setbacks, Brassard and crew continued to march forward in the harsh Canadian temperatures.  Brassard maintains that the school will be prepared and ready for the intended completion date of September 2, 2014.  Below is a copy of the article from the local newspaper, The Lamont Leader:
"Neither wind or rain or sleet or snow can stop Ed Brassard.  Brassard, the site superintendent for the new

To view the article click here.

Mundare School construction project, says the weather has set back the schedule, but the facility will open when school starts this September.'We are six weeks behind schedule,' stated Brassard, with Govan Brown, but is doing what he can to make up for lost time by having crews work on other aspects of the job and hiring more hands to speed up the process.  'I just finished the roof yesterday,' said Brassard.  'It usually takes two weeks.  It took five weeks.'  But no matter, he smiles and forges ahead with some of the other work being done on the project.  'We're putting up steel stud walls, and then they (electricians and plumbers) will come behind to do rough-ins.  All of the

sprinkler lines have been installed,' pointed out Brassard during a recent tour.  After the styrofoam and brick have been completed on the outside of the building, then crews can go back on the inside to do mudding, taping and painting of the drywall.  The goal is to have everything move-in ready for the classrooms and offices at the end of June.Just as the saying goes, Brassard remains calm, cool and collected and there is nothing that is going to take the wind out of his sails as he diligently works to bring this project to dock for its opening on September 2nd."

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