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 a govan brown project earns leed platinum

A Govan Brown project recently earned the organiza -tion's first LEED Platinum accreditation.  The work is being completed on the 21st floor of the TD Tower in downtonw Toronto.  This LEED Platinum Certification is the first in Govan Brown's history and is the culmination of years of consercation and energy efficient efforts.  The LEED program, started in 1998, is a set of rating systems for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of green buildings.  Govan Brown has participated in LEED

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projects since 2004 and has since accredited all levels of LEED certification.  The eco-friendly addition that earned Govan Brown the platinum accreditation was the installation of humidity censors.  The humidity censors are in addition to the existing eco-friendly steps Govan Brown had taken thus far in the construction process which include, energy-saving lighting; low-emission, non-toxic carpet partitions; segregated material waste management and air quality control.  This latest LEED project is an addi-

tion to the long list of environmentally-friendly spaces that Govan Brown has built in the last 10 years.  In that time, Govan Brown has completed over 30 LEED projects totaling over 2 million square feet in a variety of spaces and sectors.  We are heavily invested in participating in green-building initiatives and have led the way in eco-friendly projects since Canadian LEED programs have been in place.

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