Govan Brown


through the JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT program

Govan Brown has continually contributed to the neighborhoods and communities that we inhabit.  Along with completed projects, we often measure success by our ability to volunteer and support a myriad of groups and causes.  One program that Govan Brown is proud to support is the Junior Achievement Program in Southern Ontario.  The program, which has been around for 58 years, allows for Canadian business professionals to teach students the merits of financial literacy, work readiness

and entrepreneurship.  On Tuesday, June 10th, Govan Brown Partner Jon Taylor, and Human Resources Director Sarah Paul, visited St. Alfred Catholic School in Mississauga to provide their advice.  Jon and Sarah spoke to a large class of 28 students about their collective experience in the business world.  Referencing a manual entitled, "Dollars and Sense", Sarah and Jon engaged in an interactive program that encouraged students to make informed decisions about budgets, money management

and investments.  Our Govan Brown pair was met with energetic enthusiasm.  The students remained engaged throughout the day and came away with a better understanding of business and finances.  Govan Brown has worked with Junior Achievement for several years and have visited several different schools in the process.  We see this as an extremely beneficialand advantageous program and look forward to supporting and volunteering next year.

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