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govan brown has heart

On June 1st, 2014, Govan Brown's Darren LeClair and John Black took part in Becel's 50 KM Ride for Heart.  Together with friends Shauna Donaldson, Erika Connor and Terry Jull, John and Darren managed to raise over $1000 for this worthy cause.  The sunny Sunday ride through downtown Toronto was attended by over 14,000 riders all contributing to heart disease and stroke awareness.  The course was divided into 25, 50 and 75 km increments depending on a cyclist's ability.  Beginning at

the entrance of Toronto's Exhibition Place, the ride flowed along the Lakeshore onto the Gardiner Expressway and then turned onto the Don Valley Parkway.   The arduous climb up the DVP culminated at York MIlls where the cyclists began their return and enjoyed a far more relaxed descent.  In total, our team managed to complete the course in one hour and forty-five minutes, reaching a maximum elevation of over 215 meters.  The money raised by Becel Ride for Heart contributes to the research and

prevention of heart disease, stroke and other chronic illnesses.  It is estimated that most Canadians will spend the last 10 years of their lives in sickness due to heart disease.  It is estimated that through donation efforts and continued research, Canadians' risk of heart disease will be reduced by 10% by the year 2020 with reduced mortality rate of 25%.  The estimated total from 2014's Becel Ride for Heart was over $6 million dollars. 

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