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Since our inception, Govan Brown has grown immensely and has rapidly become one of Canada's largest interior construction managers. To accomodate this growth, we established a new office in Edmonton, Alberta. The Edmonton office is the latest in the effort to provide construction services in all high demand regions. Govan Brown has already established offices in Vancouver, Vict-

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oria, Calgary, Ottawa with a head office in Toronto. Having a firm foot-hold in the Calgary market and subsequently the Prairie Provinces, Govan Brown's newly formed Edmonton Office will handle all of northern Alberta's construction requirements. The new Govan Brown office will be located in the centre of downtown Edmonton. Partner Troy Braithwaite explains the need for a new off-   

ice in Alberta, "Our goal as construction managers is to be present wherever there is a high demand for our services. Edmonton is an emerging market with plenty of opportunities." Recent projects completed in the area include, a new Rogers store in Kingsway Mall, two HSBC bank branches in the downtown core, a CIBC branch and the construction of a new school in Mundare, Alberta.






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