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curling rocks

February 21st marked the date of Govan Brown’s first team oriented event of the year. 25 members of the Toronto office staff took to the Mississauga Golf and Club ice sheets for a fun filled afternoon of curling. The experience was new to many, evident in the inability of our feet to properly gain purchase on the large, slippery shuffle board. The fun-filled afternoon was accompanied by a filling poutine lunch and a viewing of the Olympic silver medal hockey game between Canada and the USA. After a busy and intense first few months of 2014, it was nice to relax and have fun with fellow employees.The curling excursion was the first of many team bonding events that Govan Brown will be eng-


aging in this year. In a work place as hectic as the Govan Brown head office, it is beneficial for the morale of the staff to take part in a variety of active endeavours. Currently we have daily fitness programs that many on our Toronto staff are taking part in during lunch. Recently, some of the employees at our head office had a weekly shinny routine in which they would play with some local kids at the nearby High Park public rink. It is crucial to the success of our organization that our employees feel that there is an equal balance between work and fun. We would like to make our office a place that our staff enjoys and looks forward to coming to everyday.  Our curling event is  added  to  Govan


Brown's long list is added to Govan Brown’s long list of company outings. For our Christmas party, we got to take part in a ping pong tournament at the well-known Toronto ping pong bar, Spin. Other trips include the more physical challenge of co-worker versus co-worker paintball and laser tag. Conversely, we have also participated in less visceral outings such as bowling, which we plan on doing once more very soon. It crucial to maintain a fine balance between work and play, we relish the opportunity to bring our staff closer together and believe that our work environment is improved by these events.


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