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This past year, TD Jefferson Wholesale retained Govan Brown as their construction managers to build-out three newly leased floors in Calgary's Canada Trust Tower.  The new 39,000 square foot office was to act as a consolidating space for what used to be two separate TD locations.  Situated on the 35th, 36th and partially on the 34th floors, the goal of the project was to create a mondern, cutting edge space for brokers specialized in trading energy stocks.  In the small six-month construction window given, Govan Brown was able to build a first-class space filled with all the facilities requested of our esteemed client.  The TD Jefferson project was quite unique when considering the amount of facilities allocated to a space of this size.  Included in our project scope of work were open workstations, closed offices, meeting and boardrooms complemented by complete build-outs of lobbies and reception areas.  The project also included some particularly tailored elements.  The TD server room for example, was an enormously important undertaking.  The large room, complete with its own power supply, was so large that it required a UPS that weighed 25,000 lbs.  Furthermore, we had to install eight stand-alone cooling


units, two 11-ton chilled water conditioners and an emergency sprinkler system.Unfortunately, when the date for the requisite power shut-down to boot the room came, the Calgary flood occurred, halting all progress.  Despite this ill-fated event, our team managed to complete the room on schedule; five weeks prior to our client's move-in date as required by TD project standards.  Coinciding with the outfitting of the impressive server room, was the fabrication of the traders' area on the 35th floor.  The traders' area, functioning primarily as a centre for energy stock exchange, was built on a raised floor which housed a separate cooling system.  Since we were also contracted to install all AV equipment in the office, the traders' area's raised floor factored importantly in concealing the massive amount of cables required of an AV system as large as the one required for the traders' area.  Progressively, TD ensured that all facilities included in the project's design were barrier-free.  Every washroom on all three floors, was built to be easily-accessible.  This endeavour required an extensive amount of plumbing which was difficult considering the client's partial occupancy of the 34th floor.  In order to properly install the appropriate water lines for

the multiple barrier-free washrooms, our team drafted a comprehensive schedule allowing us to avoid disturbing the adjacent building tenants.  By conducting the majority of work at night, we were able to access the offices below without causing any disruption to the daily operations of our neighboring tenants.  Govan Brown is proud to have constructed all of the corresponding facilities of a first-class office for our client, in their brand new completed 39,000 square foot space.It is always the goal of Govan Brown and our construction managers to deliver a project that both our client and team can be proud of.  We are elated with the results of the TD Jefferson Wholesale space and are even more pleased that we were able to realize their vision.  Upon completion of the initial space, TD commissioned our team to build-out their other offices.  Govan Brown continues to service the TD Jefferson space by providing equipment training sessions for their staff.  Despite extenuating weather occurrences and tight construction conditions, our team was able to schedule and adjust accordingly-an ability that sets us apart from our competitors.









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