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Possessed by the Christmas Spirit, members of Govan Brown's Toronto office once again participated in a unique version of Secret Santa. Unlike most renditions of Secret Santa, the gifts purchased are donated to the CHUM City Toy Drive. Our participants, upon receiving the name of their target, were challenged to buy a toy that they believe would have been played with by their target as a child. The secret Santa gift exchange took place on Friday, December 19 during our luncheon. As has become tradition, resident Englishmen, James Chapman, once again received a tea set, this time with the likeness of Curious George printed on the  tea pot and accompany-

ing mugs. Other gifts received includeed mini hockey stick sets, soccer balls, Star Wars action figures, Hot Wheels tarcks, and trivia games for our more astute employees. More than 40 toys, puzzles and games were donated to the CHUM City Toy Drive. The CHUM drive is a program that has become one of the largest distributors of toys to children in need in the Greater Toronto Area. The program also provides financial assistance to hundreds of agencies, ensuring that hundreds of thousands of children across the GTA enjoy a holiday experience. The CHUM Christmas Wish, in conjunction with RBC, Toronto Social Services, and CP24 viewers and listeners, is able to assist approxi-

mately 300,000 people in need across the GTA. Fundamental to Govan Brown's enjoyment of the holidays is the seasonal opportunity for Govan Brown employees to support our community. Our annual Secret Santa exchange allows us to take a break from work and enjoy the festive company of our co-workers and donate to a great cause while having fun in the process. We are proud of our staff for showing their true colours in this season of charitable giving, having donated to a number of worthy causes across Canada.

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