Govan Brown


What began as a bit of friendly competition soon became a full-out battle for Can/Non-perishable food supremacy! After receiving a photo from the Vancouver office showcasing their collection of cans and an accompanying dare, the gauntlet had been thrown and it was up to the rest of the offices to stop the tyranny in its tracks and respond. Toronto quickly took to the task and began collecting cans at a feverish pace, as did Ottawa, Nordstrom Rideau, Calgary and Edmonton. The competition was agreed to be determined on a per capita  ratio  as to level  the playing field  between t he larger  and

smaller offices. Despite the trash talk, this competition became a great catalyst for raising awareness for the fight against hunger. In addition to our staff looking to help those less fortunate, the goal of being the best can collector set an added fire under our proverbial bottoms. In total, the Toronto staff gathered over 574 individual packs, pasta and canned food items with a 6 cans to person ratio; Ottawa raised 157 cans with a ratio of 22.4 per person; Nordstrom Ottawa raised a total of 204 cans for a ratio of 25.5 per person; Edmonton had a ratio of 6.6 cans per person; Calgary raised 94 cans with a ratio of 3.5 cans per

person, and the victorious Vancouverites amassed 473 in can foods for an astounding ratio of 39.4 per person. The challenge to gather food for the less fortunate was a massive success with our offices raising over 1,522 cans, packages, and boxes of food; that's a ratio of 17.2 per person! In the short 3 week window in which to complete this challenge, our employees mobilized with haste and contributed to the well-being of our respective communities and donated all the goods to local food banks. The teamwork displayed by all was a significant testament to the talent and character of our Govan Brown staff.

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